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Valentine's Day: When You're Not Feeling the Love

Valentines Day!It's the holiday you love or hate depending on your romantic situation. People get depressed and hopeless. They run after anyone they can find just so they are not the one, “alone on Valentine's Day.” Some people, having lost a partner due to death are left feeling ostracized by society, being forced to view the romantic gestures and over-the-top demonstrations that remind them of those they have lost and bring new grief to the surface. If you are in a relationship, it can cause problems too. What if your significant other forgets? Or gets you something inappropriate? What if the day doesn't meet your high romantic expectations or your social media contacts have pictures of lavish restaurants, baskets of...

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Full Blood Wolf Moon and Planets in Direct Signals Full Speed Ahead!

With powerful intentions being the objective since the beginning of January, and also that we can rejoice that all planets will be in forward motion until March 5, we have another essential element to examine: the Super Blood Wolf Moon in Leo! This is an exciting and rare astrological event for more than one reason.  The full lunar eclipse will make the moon cast a red glow from the sun, the moon will hang 15% closer to Earth making it look 30% bigger. Examine your goals and things you have learned during the waxing moon from the last two weeks. Shed the dead weight you have been carrying, learn the lessons, and release what is no longer serving. I find...

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Seeing Past Your Own Energy

When people are trying to see auras for the first time, they often do so by staring intently at the person to try to see the energy around them. That rarely works and most learn that you must at least partially close your eyes to see the energy around the person. That works to  a degree as well, but in order to truly see an aura, to understand what the colors and shapes mean and relay that information back accurately, it is best to close the eyes. When you are looking with your eyes open, you are seeing the person through your own aura. If your aura is blue and the person you are viewing has a yellow aura, you...

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