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New Moon in Aquarius Stimulates Thought and Non-conformity

Happy New Moon, Angels! January is now behind us and we are embarking on a new month with New Moon energy. Today marks February's New Moon in Aquarius, and as written in my previous blog regarding New Moon energy, it represents a blank slate for each of us. The sign of Aquarius is that of invention, new ideas, and originality. Aquarius also has a rebellious nature, and as an air sign is that of intellect developing strong insight through thought. There is also a sense of humanitarianism and community here. There can be feeling of detachment to reality here. You may feel slightly off course, and since the powerful Super Blood Wolf Moon two weeks ago in Leo, energies were...

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Your "Ex" New Year

Another year has ended and many are looking back with less than nostalgic feelings.  Among the lightworker community is a saying that we should “live in the now,” leaving the past behind and moving forward fearlessly. While this is a good idea in theory, we miss an amazing opportunity to learn powerful   lessons that will serve us in the future. When we look at the old year like an ex-lover, we have a chance to “break up” with it. We pack a bag and slam the door behind us. Looking for the next one to make everything all better. Of course, that rarely works precisely because of that “packed bag.” We bring that baggage from the old relationship into the...

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Family and the Holidays

As we stand in the midst of the Holiday season, it can be hard to connect to the joy that others are feeling. We do our spiritual work throughout the course of the year and when we are prepared for the grand finale of joyful bliss, we face what may be the biggest challenge of all, family. If you have a good relationship with your family, then by all means enjoy this special time together.  You may be estranged from your family and feeling the nostalgia of holidays past, or the stress of disagreements and trauma.  You may feel obligated to visit your family due to young children or a nagging guilt that to be a "good child" you must...

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Holiday Healing

The last few weeks of the year can be stressful. They can be times of loving togetherness or arguing and anger. When the stress gets high and you feel like lashing out at  another, remember that those feelings are more about you than the other. person. Look within for the source of the frustration. Is it an old trauma or memory surfacing? Take advantage of the feeling revealing itself and use it to heal. What a wonderful holiday gift to yourself and those you love. If everyone would try this, then peace on Earth would be a piece of cake. Enjoy your holidays like a child, with excitement, wonder and fun! Happy Holidays!

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When You Wish......

When people feel like they are not getting accurate guidance, it is often because when they ask for help, they are shown what is blocking them. It makes sense. If you ask where you need to go, a local in the neighborhood might point to the giant boulder in the middle of the road and tell you, "It's just past that rock!" It wouldn't be very nice for them to direct you to a gas station when you asked for a restaurant, just because the gas station is easier to get to. When you ask for something and seem to be blocked, ask "Why?".  It might be that you are not to be denied what you wish, but that you...

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