New Moon in Aquarius Stimulates Thought and Non-conformity

Happy New Moon, Angels! January is now behind us and we are embarking on a new month with New Moon energy. Today marks February's New Moon in Aquarius, and as written in my previous blog regarding New Moon energy, it represents a blank slate for each of us. The sign of Aquarius is that of invention, new ideas, and originality. Aquarius also has a rebellious nature, and as an air sign is that of intellect developing strong insight through thought. There is also a sense of humanitarianism and community here.

There can be feeling of detachment to reality here. You may feel slightly off course, and since the powerful Super Blood Wolf Moon two weeks ago in Leo, energies were running very strong. There was more ego involved and influences geared more towards serving the self. Aquarius and Leo are polar opposites on the zodiac wheel, with each sign possessing what the other sign lacks.

The message of this New Moon is that of originality and non-conformity. Is there something that you have been dreaming of, but have been fearful of what others may think? Is there something you wish to manifest, but not sure if it makes any sense? This New Moon is trying to connect with that place inside you that, you yourself may not even be in touch with. Take the time to meditate on this, and this may even call you to reinvent yourself! Allow unique ideas to flow through you, and the dreams that seem impossible to achieve are exactly the ones to be focused on during this time. Allow these dreams to naturally manifest, but with your intention to do so. The energy that you send out to the Universe, is the energy that the Universe will return to you. Have a positive outlook, and the obstacles that stand in your way will slowly begin to disappear.

The Sun and the Moon being in Aquarius is a time for inventive thinking, and more than likely keeping these thoughts to yourself. Or, at least sharing it with those you trust the most. Some may undermine your goals and try talking you into abandoning them, because originality and new ways of thinking can be intimidating to others. Breaking free from the mundane is a brave journey, and the Moon is calling to you to do just that.

Written by Angels Oasis resident astrologer - Renee Masse