What Do You "Really" Want?

When you start something new, remember that when you ask for it, the Universe will do all it can to bring you the result that is in your best and highest good.

Like raising a child, there is a delicate balance between being to rigid in your rules and too, lenient. 

You have every right to be prosperous. Prosperity might look like a successful business endeavor or a lucky lottery draw. Spirit will guide you toward the one that will be in your best interest. If winning the lottery is your only acceptable form of delivery, You will get it but possibly, not in the way you think. You could win $2.00 or suddenly find that you expenses are equal to your win. You might also find that the money was not the answer to your problems.

If you had followed your guidance to invest in a business, write a book or audition for a part in a play, you might find that prosperity will find you and you will be much happier with the result. 

You are not here to suffer or starve. You have the potential to be as rich as you wish. Just make sure that is what you really want.

How do you know what you "really" want? Just ask your guides. A happy, successful life is their desire for you.