When You Wish......

When people feel like they are not getting accurate guidance, it is often because when they ask for help, they are shown what is blocking them.

It makes sense. If you ask where you need to go, a local in the neighborhood might point to the giant boulder in the middle of the road and tell you, "It's just past that rock!"

It wouldn't be very nice for them to direct you to a gas station when you asked for a restaurant, just because the gas station is easier to get to.

When you ask for something and seem to be blocked, ask "Why?". 

It might be that you are not to be denied what you wish, but that you are to receive the very best, which might involve some change in your behavior or thinking. 

When your desires seem blocked, right after you have asked for them, that is a sign that the energy is moving. 

Be grateful for that, and then follow your guidance to your next step. 

Expect that something wonderful is about to happen....and it will.