Your "Ex" New Year

Another year has ended and many are looking back with less than nostalgic feelings. 

Among the lightworker community is a saying that we should “live in the now,” leaving the past behind and moving forward fearlessly.

While this is a good idea in theory, we miss an amazing opportunity to learn powerful   lessons that will serve us in the future.

When we look at the old year like an ex-lover, we have a chance to “break up” with it. We pack a bag and slam the door behind us. Looking for the next one to make everything all better.

Of course, that rarely works precisely because of that “packed bag.”

We bring that baggage from the old relationship into the new one. In the same way, we bring all of our bad feelings and unpleasant experiences from the past year into the new one, we condemn ourselves to repeat those lessons.

Instead of posting memes with obscene language and gestures aimed at breaking up with 2018, we can look back at the things we didn’t like and see what part we played and what we learned from the experience.

In relationships, it can help us to move forward to express our feelings of anger. And recognize when we have been wronged. That is a first step. Once that step has been taken, it is time to move on.

We need to learn what went wrong so that the next relationship will be better. We need to change what we can and see what our part was in the failure. When we recognize what is “ours” and what is theirs, we are better able to make wise choices in the future.

Then and only then, do we “cut cords” with the person so that the relationship can no longer have power over us.

The same applies to the old year.

Think of some of the worst parts of last year.  What happened? Why did it happen? What lesson can you take away from it? And finally, how will you avoid the same situation in the coming year?

At the end of 2017, the same memes were posted, the same sentiments expressed and the same things went wrong in 2018.

We can continue to ride the merry go round, and complain that the scenery or the horses in front of us never change, or we can get off and see what the rest of the carnival has to offer.

The world is changing fast. If we want to keep up, we have to be able  to change and grow so that we can adapt to a new reality.

Only then can we really have a Happy New Year.