Readings By Jinn

Readings By Jinn

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Have you ever wondered what your spiritual gifts are and how you can access them? Do you feel confused and at a standstill in your life? Do you want to make things better but  do not know how to get from "A" to "B"? Is bringing happiness and prosperity to your life important to you?

Jinn was a born clairvoyant and shut down her natural gifts following the death of her grandfather. After several years she  empowered herself to use her psychic-intuitive abilities. This helped to improve her life; rediscovering those gifts bringing in more peace, prosperity and joy.

Through the art of Palmistry, she can show you where your own gifts lie and how to use them to achieve your goals.

A gifted Oracle/Tarot card reader, she brings in the guidance of the Faery realm to help heal and reconnect with your inner child, making your deepest wishes come true.

Jinn has studied many different areas of divination to enhance her spiritual growth:

Meditation                                     Tarot

Sacred Dance                                 Tea leaf reading/scrying

Hypnosis                                         Emotional Freedom Technique

Jinn's Certifications Include:

Reiki Master (Morgana Starr)

The Melchizedek Method of Healing (Morgana Starr)

Angelic Arts Program (Morgana Starr)

Flower of Life Training (Maureen St. Germain)

Palmistry (Peter Jack & Karen Lustrup, Dikki-jo Mullen) 

EFT (Tapping) (Graham Nichols)