Readings by Luna

Readings by Luna

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Since Luna was a little girl, she knew she had the ability to feel energies very strongly. For years, she believed that this sensitivity was a weakness, something that needed to be suppressed. Luna went through life without knowing what she wanted to do, but knew that her life mission was to help people. Then finally, she realized that her sensitivity was not a weakness, but rather a tool that could be used to help others. Armed with knowledge and unconditional love for humanity, she walks along her spiritual path and helps others do the same.

During her readings, Luna uses tarot cards and oracle cards to provide depth. Along with these cards, she uses a pendulum that is specifically aligned with the angels. The pendulum acts as a visual aid for her clients, guaranteeing that she is providing correct messages straight from source.

Luna is an empath, and can pick up on the feelings and emotions of others. This helps her hone in on her clients creating focused accuracy and understanding during her readings. While Luna is comfortable with doing any type of reading, she enjoys doing love and relationship readings, specifically due to the angels that she works with. Her angels have a strong connection to love energy of every kind, which includes romantic love, familial love, self-love, and even friendships.

The Angels she works with are Haniel and Chamuel. Archangel Haniel, is an angel of joy, harmonious relationships, and emotional healing. Archangel Chamuel, is an angel of unconditional love, romantic love, and inner peace.

Her goal in life is to continue to strengthen and expand her gifts so that she can continue to be a beacon of light for those along their spiritual journey.