Readings by Sarah

Readings by Sarah

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Sarah Magnoni is a certified Reiki Master, professionally trained intuitive life coach, master certified energy practitioner, and gifted reader.  From a young age, Sarah has seen energies of those who have passed.  Not understanding what she was seeing, she learned to ask them to leave.  As an adult, her curiosity brought her into Angel’s Oasis.  The energy in the shop, kept her coming back.  When her daughter was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, she found healing in Reiki.  It has remained a core part of Sarah’s self-care.

Sarah combines her readings with her professional training as a coach to not only bring messages to her clients but work with them on blocks in their life that hold them back.  She uses the techniques and tools used in her coach training to help her clients move forward in living a fulfilling life. 

Sarah’s Cancer astrology sign energy is evident in her readings and in the shop when she is present.  A natural nurturer and lover of all beings, Sarah loves when her house is full of her family!  Married to her best friend, they have four children, two dogs, two cats, and a hedgehog!

Specialties include:

 Psychic Medium 
Professional Energy Life and Leadership Coach
Intuitive/Psychic Readings
Tarot Reading