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Women's Circle

Women's Circle

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Have you been feeling overwhelmed? Nerves frayed? Looking for a group of soul sisters?

Awaken Institute Women's Circle is held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month inside of Angels Oasis in the heart of Historic Cocoa Village, 6pm-8pm. 

Dates for 2018- Aug 14th & 28th, Sept 11th & 25th, Oct 9th & 23rd, Nov 13th & 27th & Dec 11th.

There is no set cost for this event, just pay what you can! Bring your journal, and a pillow to sit on (if you so desire)!

There is a great shift occurring. Frequencies are rising and our anatomical structures are aligning with the energies of this shift. A safe, non-judgemental, positive, and sacred space is in high demand to help assist those who are waking up. You're not the only one remembering or discovering hidden abilities. The most common of these being telepathy or ESP, sensing angels around you, and having a strong draw towards the metaphysical.

It is time to honor and empower the feminine divine within you. It is time for the healing to begin.

Find spiritual empowerment by connecting with your guides and angels through group guided meditation and intuitive journaling. Learn how to live in love frequency. Honor the seasons of your life through honoring the seasons of the year. Ebb and flow with us twice a month as we meet for powerful new and full moon gatherings.