Psychic Readings by Morgana Starr

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When is will I find my Soul Mate? What is the right career path for me? What is going on with my health? When will I find a new job or house? I miss my friends and relatives who have died, can you tell me if they are okay?

These questions and more can be answered by the Angels through Morgana. You chose the amount of time for your session. Morgana will answer questions, sense energy blocks, give guidance on how to clear them, and connect you to your Angels, Spirit guides or deceased loved ones. If you are headed in a negative direction, she can get the information from the Angels of how to avoid the situation and to empower your life.

Morgana can scan a person’s physical health and emotional issues. The Angels help her see a person’s  path. In other words… keep doing what you are doing and this is what you will get. If we don’t like something  we see, Morgana will give you steps to take to avoid it.. The Angels show Morgana a person’s best direction for career or relationship. The most important issues will be brought out, then if the person has questions, they will be addressed. Morgana can also pick up on the energy of your friends and family if you have questions about them.

It is good for people to have a notebook in order to take notes and write down questions before the session in order for you not to forget to ask something very important you are seeking to find an answer to.