Readings with Dahlia

Dahlia comes from an ancient blood line of healers and psychics. She pulls from her Cuban/Mexican lineage to access her guides from the Angelic Realm. She assists her clients to discovering a place of peace and empowerment.

Dahlia's sexuality has led her to seek balance in both her feminine and masculine qualities. She is actively involved in giving back to the Veterans and LBGTQ+ community. Dahlia helps her clients find the solace they've been looking for within themselves.

Dahlia has a deep connection to herbs and symbolism. As an Herbalist, many of her tools assist with grounding mechanisms. She loves to teach Gridwork in her private sessions through ashes, herbs, and soil for the purpose of manifestation. 

As a Spiritual Practitioner, her duties invoke inspiration through Tarot/Oracle and Flower Readings. Her life purpose is to bring communities together on a common-plane while helping us navigate through the human realm.


  • Intuitive/Psychic
  • Empathic
  • Herbalist
  • Tarot/Oracle