Angels Oasis is located in Beautiful Historic Cocoa Village Florida with easy access for the local community and tourists from bi-weekly tour bus traffic.

Imagine yourself stepping through a magical doorway that leads to an oasis of sights and sounds. Breathtaking Angel artwork and sculptures, soft Heavenly music and a bouquet of scents expertly blended by a master aromatherapist. As you walk through the lobby a gentle Earth Angel leads you to a private room where you will work with an Angelically trained psychic or energy balancing practitioner to release the old pain that has held you back so that you can spread your wings and fly......

This is Angels Oasis!

Under the guidance of Morgana Starr as channeled by Archangel Anael, a team of psychics and healers are being trained in the Angelic way of spirituality. Visitors to the center will receive services such as Prophetic Angel readings, Energy Vibrational Balancing, psychic development classes, or just relax and enjoy the beauty our Angels have created.

Please come join us either as a volunteer, future Reader, Teacher and/or Founding Angel through donation. This Mission is created to be a win/win for everyone.

If you want more information, please contact we will be happy to set up an Angel Coffee date to share personally with you this exciting venture.