Joining with Archangel Anael to empower with unconditional love, unity, forgiveness, peace and hope, while inspiring individuals to rediscover their Divine life path and purpose.


To create a network of like minded, spiritually motivated and heart centered people to conduct workshops, classes, speaker forums, and to produce media such as books, CDs and movies as a means to educate those interested in further developing their natural and already existing spiritual gifts.

As Archangel Anael’s mission is unconditional love, she is the primary conduit for this process.

  1. Uniting with the Angels to help you rediscover your life’s path.
  2. Assisting one to learn to go beyond forgiveness, into gratefulness.
  3. Understanding the message of unconditional love (love with no expectations).
  4. Unveiling true hope and peace from within the heart of each soul.
  5. Giving angelic tools to enhance daily life.

The Angel Team:

If you would like to unite with us in sharing the mission of unity and unconditional love of the Divine and Angels, we are building our Angel Team. In particular, we seek:

  • Computer skills in simple design
  • Marketing/Networking ideas
  • Set up & break down at workshops and classes

We already have many great people as part of our Angel Team and we are growing! Come join us in the fun!