I was not sure if I had told you this before.. but a long while back when you were doing a phone reading for me.. you had mentioned the male energy and that it was clinging around my throat.. and you had also mentioned lots of water…

My dreams always consist of water.. dont know why.. and the male energy you felt was my ex.. and his hold on me.. and yes.. you were right.. he showed up exactly 5 months after our reading. He came back to tell me he had throat cancer.. I do think I may have emailed you last year when he died.. Today is one year..and the last time we sat on the beach and he went swimming in the ocean.. and cried that night about being sick.. I am actually okay with it..Feeling him here.. but not actually “him” just the memory of his visit..

Thank you for your help over the past two years.. you are the best!!

Brightest Blessings

– Deborah

Morgana identified and helped a young lost Spirit homeward and put our highly sensitive Pomeranian Shanti at ease once again. When Morgana arrived, Shanti totally embraced her like no other visitor before! She cried/barked to her in such a way I never heard, as if she were greeting an old friend and eagerly communicating her desire for peace to Morgana. Wow. Very powerful healing for our household and for the little boy spirit needing help to go home! Our Max was grateful to be a part of that transition, too :)

Thank you, Morgana!

– Joan C.

I am continually amazed at the level of accuracy and detail I receive. Morgana has answered questions and given me and my family peace on multiple occasions.

– Dianne B.

Yes morgana helped me understand a problem in my current life that was causing problem from a past life event.

– Robert B.

I love our talks. Your honest non-judgemental readings has not only been healing but fun too.

– Dee Corbett S.

I would like to thank you Morgana for the assistance that you gave to me the first time we meet online..You made an appointment with me and help me out with so much that was needed to be seen…

– Diana M. R.

I have had the pleasure of speaking to you over the phone.. both times were amazing.. The latter being so in tune with me.. it was as if you knew every little detail before I called… ( and not from FB posting either lol ) to watch all you had said unfold in my life was truly a miracle… thank you for helping me find healing I was lucky to have you to talk to.. it’s awesome when the puzzle pieces fall into place… I need to post on the page about the euphoria at the CB Library the night I stopped in to hear your speak before work… the energy for me was very inspiring and was such a great night at work.. which was highly unusual lol

– Deborah Ann T.

Before meeting Morgana and being introduced to Archangel Anael, anger from past hurts was dictating my life. Now after meeting Archangel Anael and experiencing the healing love of the angles, I have a new bright life. No turning back now!!

– Laurie I.

Morgana, you truly opened my eyes to a family situation that was very unhealthy. I feel great today because of you.

Thank you!

– Coleen F.

At a local fair, Morgana told me that I needed to do Shadow Work before I could go on. I didn’t know what Shadow Work was and was a little afraid. I went to a workshop with Debbie Ford and turned my thinking (and my life) around for the better! Wouldn’t have sought out this workshop without Morgana Starr ‘s direction and encouragement.

– Jeannie S.

Morgana, you are an angel you have been there these past two years with me threw so much heart ache and pain but the day my husband took his life and you called and you crossed him over I cant thank you enough, that day I felt as if I had died to but between you and the angels you have been there, for all the times I called and you were there thank you soo very much.


– Helen R.

When I first met Morgana, I was ready to give up…actually I had. It was just a matter of time. When I had my first reading, she had me in tears. I left and I felt better, but I was still very depressed. I went back two weeks later. Morgana asked if I wanted a reading, and I said no, I needed direction. It was that day that she became my angel. My life, is so full of life and love once again. I am so thankful to the angels and all my new friends. And I will never forget the first time I met Morgana, and that first reading. I thank you so much.

– Gary B.

Three years ago this month, my husband died from liver failure after a long, arduous two years on the transplant list. Shortly after, I had my first reading with Morgana when I flew to Florida for a surprise visit with another friend and to attend the 2010 Gratitude Gathering. During the following two years, I had a few more readings trying to find direction in my life. Morgana told me there would be another man in my life, but I had not met him as of that moment. She also said I would know who this man was by the way he treated me. I did meet this man some time later. Everything Morgana said has come true. We were married March 15 of this year. ♥

– Ellen A.

I feel a very strong connection with Morgana and the angels. She (they) have given me much needed direction and affirmation for the path I am on and clearly Morgana is my go-to for life questions as they arrive. For anyone considering a reading with her, jump in. She is very thorough and precise. She is a really awesome person to know as a friend too.

– Ron K.

Morgana, Ty for opening my eyes to an unhealthy family situation. Today I went to my Drs and he told me this is the first time in 7 yrs I gave really seen you at peace. I’ve stepped away and I feel so much more peace inside. Thank you and you saved me. You truly have a gift.

– Coleen F.

I have been working with psychics for a very long time. Morgana was more in touch with the Ancient Nature Spirits than anyone else that I have worked with before. She helped me see certain helpers I have around me that I was not able to decipher before. She has an energy of feminine strength and supports this strength in others as well! I’m very glad to know her and will surely work with her again!

– Stephanie P.

I had a reading from Sylvia Browne 4 years ago–not nearly as informative or as good as yours. When I got off the phone with her I felt incomplete–with you I felt relief and so happy. You opened so many doors for me. I would like to do another phone reading with you in the near future–

thank you so much.

– Jo K.

So far i haven’t received a reading from Miss Morgana but i have seen where you have told people to protect themselves with your pyramid of protection. Then once they implemented the pyramid they felt so much better. I look forward to winning a free reading from Miss Morgana Starr. I look forward to connecting with you soon!!

– Lisa R.

Morgana Starr has a BLESSED WAY, of looking at, this world.! Her messages, are always positive and instill, joy, plus hope; in a word , too short of these virtues.

As a Reverend, I find she often reminds me, of the beautiful ways, we may act and react, to one another. This is a blessing to me, for these reminders, often, make a remarkable difference, in the way, my day, progresses. I find Morgan’s, to be sincere, with a genuine caring heart. She follows, THE THREAD of TRUTH, where ever, she may find it. For this, I salute her and her never failing drive, in search of ways; to help humankind enjoy the journey, with grace and love…and so it is.


– Rev. P. M.

I have been on a spiritual path for over 25 years….However, after meeting Morgana, and connecting with AA Anael and the Angels….my life has completely changed…..It has taken me to such a deep level.. I feel expanded, that I have grown spiritually on so many levels. Your readings are touching and insightful and filled with such angelic beauty. Thank you so much for the work that you do…I feel blessed having connected with you.

– Eileen A. J.

“Reverend Morgana Starr, has a BLESSED WAY, of looking at, this world.! Her messages, are always positive and instill, joy, plus hope; in a world , too short of these virtues. I find Morgana to be sincere, with a genuine caring heart. She follows, THE THREAD of TRUTH, where ever, she may find it. For this, I salute her and her never failing drive, in search of ways; to help humankind enjoy the journey, with grace and love.”

– Rev. P. M.

A year ago I was in a very dark place. I had just came home from the hospital because I had tried to end my life. I had lost my will to live. I was referred to Morgana, and I had the extra money and decided to make an appointment.

Morgana was VERY professional yet very personable. She put me at ease right away and picked up on exactly what it was that I really needed help with. She was SPOT on!! She assisted by giving me the tools to deal with what my personal demons were, and as I followed her advise I found that life was worth living again.

As I said, had I not taken that chance and met with Morgana, I can honestly say I would not be here today. She is a true treasure and very talented with her gifts. I would recommend ANYONE to give her the opportunity to help them change their lives.

I am forever grateful to her for saving my life.

– Stacy J.