House Clearing by Morgana Starr & Team

House Clearing by Morgana Starr & Team

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Have you felt uneasy in your own home? Do things come up missing, then show up at unusual places? Do you see flashes of light or dark out the corner of your eyes at home? Is your relationship being affected due to feeling angry or upset when at home? Morgana & her Team can travel to your home and clear the energies. She will communicate directly with the spirit or entity which is causing the problem. Calling on the Angels, she will then see that they are escorted from the dwelling so that they can no longer cause a disturbance. Using a special symbol from Archangel Anael, she will then seal and protect the energy of the house to prevent further disturbances.

If there is Native American energy on the land, she will call in the Native Spirits who know her by her Native name and as a Lakota/Ojibwa Prayer Pipe Carrier. Then she will send up prayers in their tradition to bring peace to the area.

She will take time to teach you as well as clear you and your family. Morgana will also empower you by showing you how to keep the energies in a positive place.

This can be done remotely over the Phone or Skype.