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Past Life CLEARING by Morgana

Past Life CLEARING by Morgana

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Fear of heights? Fear of flying? Fear of crossing bridges? Fear of crowds? Continuing to choose disempowering relationships? Physical pain you can't seem to get past? These and more are issues which can been cleared from a PAST LIFE.

Morgana will assist you to a deep meditative state and walk you through remembering a PAST LIFE you are ready to heal. Then guide you through the process of forgiving those who hurt you, including your part in the pain caused. She will help you to view the past life without the pain associated with it, so that you can heal and be free of the problem for good. clear your energy field and allow you to move ahead more decisively in your life. During this hour long session, one to three PAST LIVES can be addressed, depending on the intensity.

Angelic Potential Chart- You will receive a graph channeled by Morgana which shows what you are capable in this life and how close you are to achieving it. In a short reading of the chart, Morgana will suggest what you can do to align with your life’s purpose and achieve your fullest Angelic potential.