Readings By Jinn
Readings By Jinn
Readings By Jinn

Readings By Jinn

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Jinn spent her childhood in sunny Florida, climbing trees, walking barefoot in the grass and talking to imaginary friends. She shut down her natural, intuitive gifts at a young age in an attempt to fit into society.

When a sign advertising a psychic fair sailed through the air and landed at her feet, she decided to start exploring those gifts again. She soon learned that those imaginary friends were her guides from the Angel and Faery realm.

She gives readings with the help of her guide, Silas of the faery realm and loves to help people re-awaken the gifts that they have forgotten to bring more happiness, love and prosperity into their lives.

Jinn has studied many different areas of divination to enhance her spiritual growth:

Meditation                                      Sacred Dance

Hypnosis                                        Emotional Freedom Technique


Jinn's Certifications Include:

Reiki Master Teacher (Morgana Starr)

The Melchizedek Method of Healing (Morgana Starr)

Angelic Arts Program (Morgana Starr)

Flower of Life Training (Maureen St. Germain)

Palmistry (Peter Jack & Karen Lustrup)