Readings By Zenya

Readings By Zenya

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Zenya had her first spiritual experience at 10 years old, when she saw an angel as she awoke from a disturbing dream of falling. She knew from then on that she always had a powerful angel protecting her.

Born in Romania from a Turkish father and Romanian mother, the supernatural was a normal part of daily life. It was in her 20s when she was pregnant with her first child that her gifts began to blossom. Her second child two years ago brought her gifts of seeing and hearing spirit to the surface.

She has studied under Morgana Starr and Daena Deva for years, honing her skills. She works directly with Archangel Anael to bring in messages of hope and direction for her clients. 

Her unique way of guiding through the use of Oracle cards, tapes into her Romanian lineage and her connection with Archangel Anael, the energy of the Feminine Divine.

Her passion for helping others drew her to Angels Oasis and is a protégé to Daena Deva & Morgana Starr. 


  • Intuitive/Psychic Readings
  • Empathic
  • Oracle Reader
  • Reiki Master