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Webinar by Morgana: Angels Unveiled:
Their spirit guides Archangels Anael and Azrael team up like
never before!
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Classes can be combined into a 3-5 hour workshop on a Saturday or Sunday.
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Psychic Medium and
Angel Communicator
Psychic Medium
Reiki Master - Teacher
Angel Communicator
"Uniting with the  Angels to Rediscover  your Life's Path."
Morgana Starr
Classes & Events           
Morgana offers psychic
development classes as well
as spiritual classes.

Calendar of Classes & Events

Morgana holds special
meetings, classes and
courses which are not
regularly scheduled.  You will
find all of the current special
meetings listed along with
date, time and location on our
calendar page. 
In a session with Morgana,
she will help balance your
energies. Your spiritual and
emotional sides will be
brought to a higher vibration
level. This will leave any and all
negativity from those with
lower vibrations behind you,
as you embark on your new
joyous journey with Anael and

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Morgana is a Prophetic Angel
Communicator who uses her Angelic gifts
from the Divine Source to help others gain
peace and direction in their lives. She is not
your traditional psychic medium or tarot

Morgana connects directly with the angels,
through Archangel Anael and provides you
with messages needed in your life right now.

The Angels help her see a person's path in
life.  In other words...keep doing what you
are doing and this is what you will get.  If we
don't like something we see or if something
comes up that you do not want to manifest in
your life, Morgana (tuned into the Angels) will
give you steps to take to avoid it
Every other Thursday night, three amazing Mediums come together will be returning Jan 14th in 2015
Sisters For The Soul
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Anael is the Archangel of Love and Princess over the other angels. She can call in whichever angel(s) are needed for your particular issue.

Anael’s message is one of unconditional love and forgiveness, also of extreme empowerment. This means drawing boundaries… (not allowing anyone to take your energy.) Anael helps to re-awaken the human race with the gifts given to YOU by the Divine. As it is known all angels have symbols.
See information about Anael's Symbol on the order page.

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By Appointment Only at Creative Energy, 835 E. New Haven Ave. Melbourne Florida.
Call Morgana to schedule: (321) 506-1143

"I had a reading from Sylvia Browne 4 years ago--not nearly as informative or as good as yours.
When I got off the phone with her I felt incomplete--with you I felt relief and so happy. You opened
so many doors for me. I would like to do another phone reading with you in the near future--
thank you so much." ~Jo K
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